Holy Horse Crap We’re Back!

That’s right everypony after some errors and our domain being hijacked, not the server just the domain which is strange but whatever, we are back. Sorry all for the long wait. I am still working on this new theme soon, really, really soon but moving just sucks so much so again hopefully soon I will get all my things unpacked and we all will enjoy the new theme, new music that will be uploaded to the AutoDJ really soon. So look forward to all that, and also one more thing, I will be a little bit more active on the @DerpyRadio twitter account and be more talky to the listeners and make a bunch of new friends along the way. So if you got a twitter and you like to listen to Derpy Radio give us a follow and leave us a tweet and hopefully you will get one back.


-With Love

RedHelper ❤

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